Ramayana Clay Modelling Workshop



About Ramayana School

The Ramayana School is an endeavor to explore and contextualize the life lessons present in Ramayana to the present times. Ramayana School team has meticulously developed various innovative tools to dive deep into the stories, conversations, and characters of Ramayana and to translate them into real life learnings for children, parents, families, educators, and entrepreneurs.

Ramayana Clay Modelling Workshop

In this 60 minute Ramayana Clay Modelling Workshop, participants will learn to make various elements from the Ramayana times, through clay:


– Bow & Arrow of Rama

– Mace of Hanuman

– Footwear (Khadao) of Sages

– Conch (Shankh) 

– Hanuman Ji’s Face


Be ready with your clay !

Date, Time, Eligibility & Fee

Age: Anyone Who Loves Clay & Ramayana

Date: 28th February, Sunday

Time: 11 am EST USA, 4 pm UK, 8 pm UAE, 9:30 pm India


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