Global Mahabharata Olympiad



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The Ramayana School is an endeavor to explore and contextualize the life lessons present in Ramayana to the present times. Ramayana School team has meticulously developed various innovative tools to dive deep into the stories, conversations, and characters of Ramayana and to translate them into real life learnings for children, parents, families, educators, and entrepreneurs.

Global Mahabharata Olympiad

Lord Krishna is the divine person who walked on earth thousands of years ago. The characters of Lord Krishna inspires many across the globe. There is so much to learn from each instance of his life.

The Ramayana School Presents Global Mahabharata Olympiad. Refresh your knowledge of Lord Krishna through Grand Mahabharata Quiz Contest Winner will get prize.

Date, Time, Eligibility & Fee

Ages: Children & Families can joining together
Dates: 14 March 2021, Sunday
Time: 10:30 pm India / 9 pm UAE / USA 12 pm EST/ 11 am CST / 9am PST / 6 pm Germany/ 5 pm UK.
Online Mode: Live online

Note: Once registered participation fees can not be returned. You can always nominate someone else to attend the olympiad on your behalf.

Live meeting Link would be shared with participants after registration.


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