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About Shloka Course

Team of Experts have designed this 10 Weeks, Level 1 Shloka course with following learning objectives:

– Learn Shloka Chanting with Experts
– Learn How to Calligraph a Shloka in English and/Or Devanagari
– Recite the Shloka and get expert feedback
– Do multiple fun brain games to remember the shloka
– Understand the Meaning of the Shloka through games & quizzes

Structure of the Course

– Shloka Course is a self paced course, suited for children, adults & families
– The course has 100 activities, which can be done over 10 weeks. Though participants are free to complete it sooner or later.
– The course will focus on learning Chanting, Meaning Of the Shloka, Writing (English and/or Devanagari Script) & Recitation through multiple games, puzzles and activities.
– Experts will be providing regular feedback on the submissions
– Live sessions will be conducted on weekends, in small groups, once you complete each shloka or a set of Shlokas.
– Participants in the process will learn the pattern and style to learn the chanting of Shlokas in general.
– Find more details on Shlokas

Benefits of Shloka Chanting

The Ramayana School brings to you a well researched course by experts, where children, adults and the families can learn 10 important Shlokas, to achieve the following three benefits:

– Shloka Chanting calms your mind.
– Shloka Chanting keep you away from stress.
– Shloka Chanting makes your memory sharp.
– Shloka Chanting makes you efficient at Work.

Eligibility, Fee & Duration

Ages: 6+ (no upper age limit). Useful for Children, Adults & Families
Course: Shlokas Level 1 Course with 100 Activities
Duration: 10 Weeks (We recommend to finish one shloka per week)
Time: At your own pace
Online Mode: On Ramayana School’s Online Platform

Login-Password to the course will be shared after registering for the course

Note: Once registered participation fees can not be returned. You can always nominate someone else to attend the workshop on your behalf.

About the Founder

Shantanu Gupta is a noted author, TEDx Speaker and TV Panelist. He is the founder of The Ramayana School.

You can know more about him:


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