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We at The Ramayana School are hand holding students to become a published author and get their books listed on amazon on the topics of Indian culture & history. By this way children will become more articulate and deep rooted on the topics of Indian tradition and culture. This will also help them to build their profile as a published author, which will help them in their college admissions and later in career.

10 Components of "Become a published Author" program

The 6 to 9 months “Become a published Author” program will have the following 10 components:

  1. Its a 6 to 9 months of mentoring program based on participants’ pace and involvement
  2. 10 One-on-One mentoring sessions with the different experts to write and publish a book on indian culture & history. It includes sessions on
        • Mentoring in the selection of topic
        • Mentoring for the research methods
        • Mentoring in finding research sources
        • Mentoring in writing style
        • Mentoring in completing the content for the book
        • Finalizing the title of the book
        • Review sessions with experts to refine the content of the book
  3. Final Editing of the book by experts
  4. Cover Page Design of the book
  5. Page Making of the book
  6. Getting a renowned person to write the foreword of the book
  7. Getting the book formally published with ISBN number
  8. Getting the Book listed on Amazon-Logo
  9. Helping the participant to Market the book
  10. Doing a live event about the book with the author

Date, Time, Eligibility & Fee

Ages: 7+ (no upper age limit).
Course: Become a published Author program
Duration : 9 months
Time: Weekend Sessions based on participant’s convenience
Online Mode: Live online, Group & One-On-One Sessions

Note: Once registered participation fees can not be returned. You can always nominate someone else to attend the program on your behalf.

Live meeting Link would be shared with participants after registration.

Fee structure in Installments

1st registration amount- 150 USD | 10000 INR

2nd Installment after 2 month- 175 USD | 12000 INR

3rd Installment after 3 month- 175 USD | 15000 INR

About the Founder

Shantanu Gupta is a noted author, TEDx Speaker and TV Panelist. He is the founder of The Ramayana School.

You can know more about him:


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