Why do you need friends like Jambavanta in your life?

Sita was kidnapped by Ravana; Rama and Lakshmana didn’t know about either her location or her condition. Rama and his brother eventually met Sugriva and Hanuman. Sugriva sent an army of Vanaras to know whereabouts of Sita. All Vanaras went in the different directions in groups; one such group would go towards South towards ocean where they met Sampati, an old eagle who had far eyesight. Sampati told the army of Vanaras that Sita was captivated in Lanka and he could see that.

Now, the biggest challenge came on the Vanaras to cross the vast and great ocean. One vanara said that he could jump but he became old now. Another added that he, too, could jump but need one location rest between the ocean. It was followed by a plenty of reasons from the Vanaras for their inabilities to cross the ocean.

Then, Jambavanta, who is described as a strategic warrior in Valmiki Ramayana, motivated Hanumana to cross the ocean with his gigantic jump. The latter was teasing the Rishis in his childhood with his extraordinary powers which was resulted into the curse that he would forgot all his powers until someone reminds him of them. After hearing Jambavanta, Hanuman got ready for the jump. In Ramcharitmanas, the most popular section--Sundar Kanda--starts with the lines,“जामवंत के बचन सुहाए। सुनि हनुमंत हृदय अति भाए॥“ The literally translation is: The sayings of Jambavanta were liked by the heart of Hanuman.

In our life, we get ‘N’ number of difficulties. Many times we get disappointed. Sometimes we don’t get any strength to stand up. This is why you need a friend like Jambavanta who knows you, your difficulties, and how to motivate you. “You are,” said America’s successful entrepreneur Jim Rohn, “the average of the five people you spend most time with.”

That’s it! So, start finding a friend like Jambavanta…

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