5 reasons why your WHOLE FAMILY should take a part in Global Ramayana Olympiad this Diwali !

The Ramayana School is going to organise the Global Ramayana Olympiad on the evening of 15th November on the occasion of Diwali. With our partner Hindi-USA, we have arranged great prizes for the winners of this Olympiad, starting from USD 500 for the top global winner. Here is the ‘AEIOU’ that explains why your child should take a part in this event:

  1. Amazing exposure: We will have a number of participants from across the globe. Families from the US, the UK, India, France, Germany, the UAE, and many other countries will join us in the event. This will give exposure to your child and family.

  2. Extraordinary prizes: If your child & family is performing extraordinarily then we do have extraordinary prizes to encourage them. For top-10 participants, we have prizes ranging from Rs 7,101 to Rs 35,101 i.e. $100 to $500. This step will create a healthy competition spirit in them. This will be Laxmi Ji’s blessings for the participants.

  3. Innovative way to spend your time: We all are busy during the year but Diwali is an exception. How about utilising only an hour to spend with your child and family in a worthy way? Global Ramayana Olympiad is precisely for that purpose.

  4. Online event: During the crucial time of pandemic, one may wonder how is this going to be conducted. The answer is: ONLINE We have adopted latest technologies which will give you the experience of real-time event even if you’re participating while seating in your drawing room.

  5. Understanding an epic: Ramayana is an ancient epic loaded with infinite wisdom. With this Olympiad, we are going to open the doors of curiosity which will help your child to understand this mesmerising epic.

Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and join us.

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