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Jatayu: The Last Stand In Ramayana

War brings death and destruction. Countless lives are lost in the process and the fallen are remembered for their valiance and determination. In the history of wars, we seldom come across individuals or troops who, despite all odds, commit themselves to the war cause and take the last stand. These men are eulogised for their deeds and leave...

Hanuman: The Trusted Lieutenant Of Lord Rama

As the Hindu deity known for love, compassion, devotion, strength and intelligence, Hanuman is one of the most widely worshipped Gods of this faith. Across India and beyond, countless people are seen devoting their Tuesday and Saturday mornings to Hanuman Puja. India is filled with the temples of Hanuman in every corner and his temple...

What makes a villain ?

Every great legend has broadly two primary teachings for mankind: what to do and what not to.So is the story of The Ramayana, where Lord Rama is the propagator of good while Ravana is the best explanation of how one is responsible for his/her own success and failures. As opposed to...

What Were The Boons And Curses That Led To The Ramayana?

Ever wondered why The Ramayana occurred ? Why was Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Rama ? And why did he have to go through untold miseries and suffering? The root cause of the occurrence of The Ramayana was to teach the whole mankind invaluable...


Bharata was the second son of Dasharatha and the only born of Mother Kaikeyi, the daughter of the king of Kekaye Kingdom. He was married to Mandavi, a cousin of Sita. The Ramayana portrays the four brothers as extremely closely bonded to each other.Bharata’s character is considered amongst the highest...

Here Is What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Ramayana

There are several factors that one needs to remember while setting up and leading a business. Successful businesspersons have certain traits in common such as clarity of thought, perseverance, strategic thinking, good communication skills, and valuing efficiency, amongst others. All of these lessons can...

When Kaikeyi asked Dashratha for her Two

After brief discussions with the Parishad, Dashratha along with Sage Vashishta and the ministers unanimously decided to appoint Rama his successor. Dashratha then wanted to share this news with his dear wives and he was sure they’d be delighted. After a long day

How did Kausalya and Lakshman react when informed
by Ram about Vanvaas

Despite the deadly blow dealt by Kaikeyi, Ram was unmoved. His life had turned upside down but without a single lament he went about doing what had to be done to depart for the forest. He first went to meet his mother Kausalya. Kausalya had no inkling of this


As age began to catch up with King Dashratha, he felt that the time had come to hand over the responsibility of the empire. For years he had devoted himself to the welfare of the people, but now he felt weary and was finding it difficult to carry on this heavy burden of

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