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The Ramayana School

The Ramayana School is an endeavor to explore and contextualize the life lessons present in Ramayana to the present times. Ramayana School team has meticulously developed various innovative tools to dive deep into the stories, conversations, and characters of Ramayana and to translate them into real life learnings for children, parents, families, educators, and entrepreneurs.
The Ramayana School takes a cue from the fact that there is something magical in this millenia old biography of Rama, due to which it finds resonance in the cultures of 100+ countries beyond the considerations of religion and language. This 14,000+ years old biography of Lord Rama has been translated into more than 300 variants and is still counting . There is a hidden encrypted message in each of the 24000 slokas of Valmiki Ramayana, and this can enrich humanity at an unprecedented scale.


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  • With Experience of 17 years Shantanu Gupta is leading Ramayana School. Shantanu is Author, TV panelist, TEDx Speaker and Curator of Ayodhya and Kumbh Art Festivals. He has worked with Daimler Chrysler, Amdocs, Wipro. He has led Nandi Foundation, worked with UNICEF, Director in Center for Civil Society think tank...

    Shantanu Gupta
    Founder and Director
  • Having exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills Anand Upadhyay, is Head-Operations in Ramayana School. He handled various Event including- Stand Up India Launch, Kumbh & Ayodhya art fest, etc. In the past, he worked for various deadline-driven organizations with an emphasis on working within budget requirements. He is highly skilled in client and vendor...

    Anand Upadhyay
  • Being young and Dynamic Team Leader Pallavi Saxena, is Lead Creative in Ramayana School. She worked for various government event including- Stand Up India Launch. In the past, she worked for different organizations handling various corporate and luxury designs and managed innovative designing work for various Political Leaders...

    Pallavi Saxena
    Lead Creative Consultant
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